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Wheat’s Landscape has an honored reputation for enhancing Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area homes with comprehensive year-round lawn service and landscape care. Specializing in complete landscape maintenance, Wheat’s Landscape gives the attention and personal service your landscape deserves.

Whether you need lawn care services, snow removal, or professional mowing in the Northern Virginia area, Wheat’s expert landscapers can help! Contact us today by filling out the contact form to the right!

Landscape Maintenance Services


As your single source provider, our most requested maintenance services include:

Lawn Care

Keeping your lawn lush and green year-round requires proper care and maintenance. But lawn care can be tedious for the average homeowner, which is where we come in! The lawn care services we provide in Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas include:

Learn more about our landscape maintenance contracts in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC or call at 703-641-4790 today to sign up!

Tree & Plant Healthcare

We provide a tree and plant health care and integrated pest management program that helps to keep your plant material healthy. We have plant health care specialists that evaluate your foliage to see if there are detrimental pests or diseases infecting your landscape. Pest problems on lawns or ornamental plants are managed by knowing what pests may be active at any certain time, their life cycles, how much plant damage may happen, and when those pests are most susceptible to controls. Wheat’s Landscape will minimize pest activity and damage, but not to eliminate insects or micro-organisms from the landscape since most insects in our landscapes do not damage the growth or health of our plants.

Seasonal Edge & Mulch

A lovely home complemented by a garden adorned with steps and mulch.

Your flowerbeds, shrubbery, trees, and plantings need to be properly mulched and the mulch bed needs to be taken care of regularly. Proper installation of mulch is a necessity because you need as little weed growth as possible and how the mulch is laid in plays a major role in how effective it is. Otherwise, you end up with a gardening space that’s infested with weeds and other undesirable plants. Mulch not only helps to keep undesirable plants out of your garden beds, but also helps the area retain water so the plants and trees stay healthier. For professional mulching services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, call Wheat’s Landscape!

Aeration & Seeding

Aeration and seeding are two distinctly separate, but very closely related and mutually beneficial services. When these are sought in tandem, you are left with a richer, healthier lawn that displays optimal growth and a uniform and appealing appearance. For aeration and seeding services, you can trust the professional landscapers at Wheat’s Landscape.

Spring & Winter Cleanup

Every spring we visit our properties to clean up any sticks, leaves, or debris left over from the previous winter and fall. Similarly, dead leaves, acorns, dead tree branches, and more clutter up your beautiful Northern Virginia landscape. During winter, you may need snow plowing or other seasonal maintenance. Whether you need snow removed or a good spring or fall season cleanup, the landscapers and lawn maintenance specialists at Wheat’s Landscape provide high-quality seasonal cleanup services.

Professional Mowing

When you need a professional mowing company in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC, you can count on Wheat’s Landscape for top-notch lawn mowing services. When you choose us, you can rest assured knowing our specialists trim around everything in the yard, trim along sidewalks and driveways, blow leaves and debris off driveway and sidewalks, and will leave your yard looking neat and clean.

Seasonal Flower Installation


Installing annual flowers livens up your landscape with season-long color. Switching between annuals like pansies, begonias, and mums keeps a variety of color throughout the season and can accent perennials or flowering shrubs. Wheat’s Landscape offers a variety of flowers for you to choose from. No matter the color scheme or design aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve, our flower installation specialists will create a beautiful display of flowers in your yard.

Weeding & Perennial Care

Keep your yard looking picturesque with weeding and perennial care with Wheat’s Landscape. Don’t let those pesky weeds get you down. Our team can weed your yard, leaving you with a weed-free space! Whether your yard requires simple weeding or fertilizer application to prevent them from returning, we can help. Our expert landscapers also keep your perennials looking beautiful. Contact us today to learn more about our weeding and perennial services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are important parts of property maintenance. Because trees are living organisms, they will continue to grow and change throughout their lifetimes. Proper care is necessary to prevent disease or damage from affecting the appearance or safety of the trees on your property.

Leaf Removal

You have better things to do than spending your weekends of cleaning up the leaves in the yard of your Maryland area home. Save valuable time and protect your turf with Wheat’s Landscape’s leaf removal services. Our leaf removal services include cleaning out your landscape beds, lawn, patio, deck, driveway, and all other hard surfaces. No mess is left behind—all leaves and debris are collected and removed by our expert leaf removal technicians.

Irrigation Systems

Our irrigation team of trained and certified professionals will create a custom layout based on the watering needs of your unique landscape. With an automated system installed throughout your lawn and planting beds, a pre-programmed controller manages the watering needs of your entire property. You can depend on Wheat’s Landscape for the following irrigation services:

Drainage Repair

When something goes awry with your drainage systems, it can mean serious water damage and harm to your personal investments. That’s why the team at Wheat’s Landscape offers superb drainage repair services, helping you to restore your home and landscape to normalcy as fast as possible.

Snow Removal

It’s not uncommon to expect a few feet of snow during a typical winter in the Northern Virginia area. Combine this snow with freezing temperatures, and there is an instant hazard. With Wheat’s Landscape, you can count on our experienced team to properly remove the snow from commonly trafficked areas. Contact us today to learn more about our snow removal services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Potted Plants

Flowers in Pots in Backyard with Metal Fence and Trees in background

At Wheat’s Landscape, we offer all types of potted plants. You name it—we can grow it. There are many flowers to choose from which allows you to determine the flowers that suit your landscape best. The current season is also a way to choose the flowers for your home. Whether you want to purchase potted annuals or perennials, Wheat’s Landscape offers a variety of types for you to choose from.

Tree Removal

Many obstacles can stand in the way of homeowners looking to create the ideal landscape. Some are simple, such as weed removal or routine mowing. But others can present some particularly challenging issues that are nearly insurmountable by the average homeowner, like a stubborn or unsightly tree! Learn more about our tree removal services.

Athletic Field Design & Maintenance

For athletic fields, our services extend from the initial design and implementation of your fields, all the way to the routine maintenance and care it deserves! Our attention to detail and dedication to meeting your every need is guaranteed to satisfy your needs—no matter how small or large.

Why Choose Wheat’s Landscape for Property Maintenance?

Your personal account managers and supervisors will communicate with you on a regular basis and oversee all aspects of your landscape to ensure complete satisfaction and optimal results. Your customized program is tailored to coincide with the unique needs of your landscape.

Wheat’s was established by Mike Wheat in McLean, Virginia in 1978. The business has evolved from a family lawn care service to a full-service landscape design and maintenance company serving high-end residences. Having grown up in the area that now supports our business, Wheat’s is committed to improving and giving back to the community through a number of different volunteer projects each year.

Learn more about our company here.

Northern Virginia’s Property Maintenance Professionals

Our licensed and certified property maintenance professionals are committed to keeping your yard lush, green, and healthy with quality landscape services in Northern Virginia and the entire DC area. Regularly scheduled site visits allow our lawn care team to closely monitor your lawn conditions and adjust treatments accordingly. We offer customized programs that suit the various needs of yards throughout Northern Virginia. Whether you’re looking for potted plants, leaf removal, or professional mulching, we’re the landscaping company to call!

For property maintenance in Northern Virginia and beyond, you can trust the team at Wheat’s Landscape. Contact us online or give us a call at 703-641-4790 today!

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“Everything always exceeds our expectations. Everything was done perfectly. Everyone was happy to be there. You have an excellent crew and business.” M.L.
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“I really like the communication, and the responsiveness. It is great to have a company that is there when you need them, and to have the comfort of knowing the property is well-maintained.” M.B.
“Well you all have quite a reputation for the quality of your work in my neighborhood. It’s just beautiful! Wheat’s is a legend around here.” R.B.
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