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custom outdoor front entry walkway design in McLean, Virginia, leading up to large colonial-style stone house with landscaped bushes in front.

The exterior of your home sets the foundation for which designs, textures, and colors you choose for your walkways and driveways.

Wheat’s Landscape can help you add a welcoming touch to your home while making it more accessible to visitors with gorgeous cobblestone, brick, and more, with our professional hardscaping services.

When considering your walkway and driveway design, it’s important to complement the architectural features and other landscaping elements of your home. This will help you create an overall cohesive look and feel to the exterior of your home.

As professional landscaping experts, the designers at Wheat’s Landscape will analyze your home’s exterior and make a comprehensive plan to create a cohesive landscape aesthetic.

Walkway Design

The possibilities are endless when it comes to walkway design. When creating the design for your walkway, there are plenty of things to consider during the creative process. The geometry of your walkway is generally determined by the relationships and locations of the places you’re connecting.

You can choose straight or curvilinear geometry depending on available space and desired aesthetics. Straight walkways are simply that— a straight path connecting your front door and the street, for example.

Curvilinear walkways offer a meandering aesthetic for your exterior, helping create a more naturalistic look and feel with your landscaping. Providing there’s enough space, you may choose to incorporate multiple curves and even switchbacks for a more interesting design.

To accommodate for steep areas in your landscaping, you can choose to add steps, intricate landings, and varying shapes, widths, and designs for your walkway to create depth and interest.

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Driveway Design

Custom paved driveway design in McLean, Virginia, next to a large beige home with landscaping and a covered front porch.

Your driveway helps add character and aesthetics to the overall look and feel of your home’s exterior. A customized driveway design allows you to transform an open and barren space into a gorgeous, valuable addition to your home.

The addition of a custom-designed driveway offers immediate value in aesthetics and comfort, and if you ever place your home on the market, it will add a significant return on your investment through increased property value.

The improved exterior aesthetics could also prompt more serious offers and help your home sell faster. 

Custom Walkway & Driveway Design in Northern Virginia

Wheat’s Landscape’s experts have created custom hardscaping designs for our valued residents throughout northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

Whether you already have a vision for your custom walkways and driveways or need some help with ideas, we can help craft the perfect hardscape design and installation plan for your home. 

No matter what your vision is, our professional landscape architects can turn your dreams into reality. Our award-winning team has experience with every size project, from large-scale properties to intricate plans for small spaces.

If you’re looking for custom walkway or driveway design and installation, call 703-641-4790 to speak with our experienced professionals today.

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“Everything always exceeds our expectations. Everything was done perfectly. Everyone was happy to be there. You have an excellent crew and business.” M.L.
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“I really like the communication, and the responsiveness. It is great to have a company that is there when you need them, and to have the comfort of knowing the property is well-maintained.” M.B.
“Well you all have quite a reputation for the quality of your work in my neighborhood. It’s just beautiful! Wheat’s is a legend around here.” R.B.
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