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Adding mulch to your yard, garden, and flower beds is an excellent way to make your landscaping look great and keep all the grass and plants healthy. High-quality organic mulches can do wonders for the quality of your lawn and garden, and at Wheat’s Landscape, we offer professional mulching services using only the most beneficial materials.

Our landscaping company has served homeowners in northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, DC, area since 1978. We offer everything from lawn care to landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, and erosion control.

With our keen eye for detail, excellent service, and a large portfolio of award-winning projects, we have the experience and knowledge to keep your yard looking its best.

Why You Should Mulch Your Yard

Mulch can provide a uniform top layer around areas like trees or flower beds, increasing their visual appeal. The process can also be beneficial for the plants themselves, as well as your lawn.

Professional mulching with high-quality organic materials can help to:

  • Retain moisture: A thick layer of mulch helps slow water evaporation from the soil during the hottest parts of the day, keeping plants hydrated.
  • Moderate soil temperatures: Mulch provides an insulating layer that helps keep the soil cooler during the peak summer sun and warmer at night.
  • Control lawn thatch: Mulch provides the organic materials and nutrients that bacteria need to break down lawn thatch and keep your grass looking healthy and green.
  • Suppress weed growth: A thick layer of mulch can deprive weeds of the sun they need to thrive, slowing their growth.
  • Reduce fertilizer usage: Mulch provides many of the nutrients your plants need to remain healthy, reducing the need for costly fertilizers that can harm the environment.
  • Protect the environment: The mulching process minimizes the need for fertilizers and pesticides and reduces the amount of yard waste sent to the landfill.

Learn how professional mulching services can improve your lawn and garden in McLean or northern Virginia.

Call Wheat’s Landscape at (703) 641-4790 to schedule a landscaping service today.

Preparing for Your Mulching Service

To keep your lawn and garden as healthy as possible, you should mulch your yard at least once a year. Mulching in the spring can help prevent weed growth, but it’s best to wait until mid-spring so the ground has warmed enough to support spring planting and trees have dropped their spring litter like buds or seed pods.

Remulching in late summer or early fall can help replace any mulch lost to wind or erosion while protecting the plants and soil from dryer, cooler temperatures in the coming months.

It’s best to remove all visible weeds before mulching so they’ll be less likely to poke back through, as well as old mulch or moldy mulch. Mulching should be done on a dry day with no rain in the forecast. This gives the mulch time to settle in place, making it less likely to be carried away by high winds or heavy rain.

Make mulching as easy as possible by choosing a professional like Wheat’s Landscape to complete the process. We can help you select the best materials to support a healthy, great-looking yard.

Call (703) 641-4790 today to request a quote for mulching services in McLean, Great Falls, Vienna, or surrounding areas.

Why You Should Rely on Professionals for Mulching Service

Applying the wrong types of mulch, applying it too thickly, or placing it too close to stems and trunks can harm your plants. That’s why it’s best to always rely on a professional like our team at Wheat’s Landscape for mulching services.

We can make sure your lawn, garden, and flower beds get the proper amount of mulch at the right times of year, and we can schedule around bad weather so the conditions are perfect for the long-term health of your plants.

Schedule Mulching Service for Your McLean Home Today

Is your yard overdue for re-mulching? Contact Wheat’s Landscape for top-quality mulching services in McLean, northern Virginia, or the DC area. We’re a locally-owned company with a deep commitment to our community, and we feature award-winning services that help keep your home looking great year-round.

From lawn and garden care to patio builds, outdoor kitchens, pool houses, and more, we provide the services you need to beautify your home and add value.

Protect your lawn and garden and keep them looking great with our mulching services from Wheat’s Landscape.

Call (703) 641-4790 today to schedule mulching services in northern Virginia, Maryland, or the DC metro area.

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