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A lush, well-maintained lawn can provide lots of curb appeal for your home in the Washington, DC, area, but to truly make it stand out, consider adding some splashes of color with a selection of flowers and foliage that can keep your yard looking great year-round.

At Wheat’s Landscape, we can recommend the ideal flowers and plants for your climate and soil conditions and design attractive flower beds or container gardens that will accent your home perfectly.

With over 45 years of landscaping experience, our team at Wheat’s has the skills and knowledge to make your home look its best.

We serve customers throughout northern Virginia, Maryland, and the DC, area, and offer award-winning landscape design and build services, lawn care, tree care, lawn maintenance, and more.

Various Types of Flowers We Can Plant & Maintain

With the right choice of flowers, you can keep your yard looking vibrant and colorful nearly all year. Our team at Wheat’s can help you select the best flower varieties to plant for each season, from early spring and summer to late fall, giving you a rotating palette of hues that will draw the eye.

We offer a full selection of flowers and landscaping solutions to beautify your home and add curb appeal, including:

  • Annuals: Planted once a year, these flowers bloom longer than perennials and at different times of the growing season.
  • Perennials: Perennials bloom for a shorter time but return yearly and can add lasting beauty to your yard.
  • Biennials: Biennials establish roots and mature in the first year, then flower and complete their lifespan in the second year.
  • Flower beds: Create the perfect accent to your exterior with attractive raised flower beds.
  • Container gardens: Add a splash of color to your yard with attractive flowers and plants placed in strategically located containers.

Learn more about our landscaping options for your Virginia home when you call 703-641-4790.

What’s the Difference Between Annuals & Perennials?

The two main categories of plants for your garden are annuals and perennials. Annuals such as impatiens last a year and tend to spend most of their energy flowering rather than establishing roots, which ensures that they create healthy seeds to produce the next generation of plants.

The side-effect of this focus on seed production is attractive flowers that make your yard look great, as well as blooms that happen more frequently and last longer than perennials.

Perennials flower once a year for a shorter time than annuals. They focus more of their energy on establishing roots and growing so the plant can last through the winter year after year. Most perennials, like lilies, last three to seven years, though some can live much longer, such as peonies.

Call our experts at 703-641-4790 for help choosing the best plants for year-round color in your yard.

Our Additional Landscape Design & Lawn Care Services

When you want a colorful, eye-catching yard you can be proud of, turn to Wheat’s Landscape.

In addition to flower bed landscaping and design, we offer a full line of other landscape and maintenance services to help transform your yard and keep it healthy all year, including:

Schedule Expert Flower Bed Landscaping Services in Northern VA, Maryland & DC

Add beauty and value to your home with flower bed landscaping from our team at Wheat’s Landscape. We have served the Washington, DC, area since 1978, and our exceptional service and attention to detail help guarantee great-looking, professional results.

Call 703-641-4790 to schedule a consultation with our landscaping experts at Wheat’s in the DMV area.

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“Everything always exceeds our expectations. Everything was done perfectly. Everyone was happy to be there. You have an excellent crew and business.” M.L.
“We were fortunate enough to find a company that has just finished doing a fabulous job in our back yard. Wheat’s did exceptionally high quality work, were extremely responsive and wonderful to work with.” D.G.
“I really like the communication, and the responsiveness. It is great to have a company that is there when you need them, and to have the comfort of knowing the property is well-maintained.” M.B.
“Well you all have quite a reputation for the quality of your work in my neighborhood. It’s just beautiful! Wheat’s is a legend around here.” R.B.
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