Landscape Lighting Design & Installation in Northern Virginia, Maryland & Washington, DC

Illuminating Landscapes

During warm summer nights in northern Virginia, well-designed landscape lighting can create the perfect ambiance to enjoy barbecues, family gatherings, pool parties, and more after the sun sets.

Highlighting natural features and your unique landscape design, they offer the ideal amount of illumination to enjoy your outdoor spaces without overshadowing the beauty of the night sky.

If you’re considering landscape lighting for your home in McLean or surrounding areas, contact Wheat’s Landscape. We can help you create a gorgeous landscape lighting design that complements the natural beauty of your surroundings and lets you take full advantage of your outdoor spaces.

We offer landscape lighting design and installation throughout northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, DC, area. With over 40 years of experience, you can count on us for great-looking, professional results.

Create the perfect nighttime gathering spot with expertly designed and installed outdoor lighting from Wheat’s Landscape.

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Landscaped yard in evening with artful illumination throughout in northern Virginia.

Types of Landscape Lighting

The best landscape lighting designs feature a mix of lighting solutions to highlight different areas of your yard and create an attractive space to enjoy the outdoors. At Wheat’s Landscape, we can combine elements like driveway lighting, path lighting, tree uplighting, and patio lights to beautify your yard and make it safer to navigate after dark.

We can transform your space and make it ideal for entertaining, enjoying the sunset, or relaxing. Our skilled designers can incorporate all types of landscape lighting solutions, including:

  • Path lighting: Make it easy to travel through your yard at night with well-placed path lighting and driveway lighting to illuminate the route.
  • Downlighting: Highlight features like decorative stairways, seating areas, planters, and outdoor kitchens with downlighting that illuminates the area from above.
  • Uplighting: Showcase beautiful trees and bushes, flags, or wall-mounted design elements with subtle uplighting from below.
  • Floodlighting: Highlight gorgeous design features like trees, fountains, or statues, or illuminate large areas with well-placed flood lighting.
  • Shadow lighting: Create depth and dimension with shadow lighting that casts light on a surface in front of another object like a retaining wall, tree, or garage.
  • Security lighting: Make your yard safer and more secure after nightfall with security lighting that lets you navigate safely and helps you spot any uninvited guests.

Landscape lighting can add to the beauty of your home and make it safer after dark, and with our experienced team at Wheat’s Landscape, you can count on an intelligent design tailored to the unique needs of your space.

Start installing your dream landscape lighting solution today. Contact us to schedule a consultation in McLean, Reston, Fairfax, or elsewhere in northern Virginia.


The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Installation

Landscaped yard with inground pool and small pool house lit up at night.Landscape lighting can serve multiple functions, from highlighting your favorite design elements to improving the safety and security of your DC-area home.

Here are a few benefits of a landscape lighting solution from Wheat’s Landscape:

  • Style and beauty: A custom-designed landscape lighting solution can highlight the best-looking features of your home and yard, increasing curb appeal and showing your unique style.
  • Improved usability and access: Intelligent lighting can make your yard more usable and inviting after dark while providing easier access.
  • Safety: Avoid trip hazards, falls, or low-hanging branches with well-placed lighting to guide the way.
  • Security: Spot predators and foraging animals, and discourage uninvited guests, with custom security lighting, accent lighting, flood lights, and more.

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Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation in Northern Virginia & the DC Area

Make your home look great and enjoy the outdoors more often with attractive outdoor lighting from our team at Wheat’s Landscape. We have served northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, DC area since 1978, and we work hard to make gorgeous outdoor spaces our clients can be proud of.

We offer professional landscape design, outdoor lighting, irrigation, and more, and we take pride in our work and our ability to create unique spaces our customers can enjoy for years.

Call 703-641-4790 for outdoor lighting solutions that will improve your northern Virginia home’s beauty, value, and utility.

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