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Have you recently looked over your neighbor’s fence and noticed—once again—that the grass is greener on the other side? If so, we have a solution. Installing an irrigation system will keep your lawn watered, fresh, and most importantly, green. A sprinkler system not only provides you with the convenience of watering your lawn automatically, but a good irrigation system also ensures that your turf gets the optimal irrigation it needs.

Keep your lawn looking nice—and reduce your water bills—with an irrigation system installed by Northern Virginia’s leading landscaping company, Wheat’s Landscape! Contact us today.

Our Irrigation System Services

Our irrigation team of trained and certified professionals will create a custom layout based on the watering needs of your unique landscape. With an automated system installed throughout your lawn and planting beds, a pre-programmed controller manages the watering needs of your entire property. We pride ourselves on our reliable and efficient landscaping services, which is why we offer two-hour service windows and service for all types of sprinkler systems. Our landscape team has been working with irrigation systems since 1978, which is why you can depend on Wheat’s Landscape for the following services:

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Benefits of Irrigation Systems

There are many advantages to installing an irrigation system in your Northern Virginia home. Don’t believe us? Just ask your satisfied neighbors.

Prevents Disease & Weeds

Weeds can be a major nuisance for Northern Virginia homeowners. But with a properly installed irrigation system, you should notice a reduction in the number of weeds in your yard. This is because you can designate the areas that need to be watered instead of overwatering the entire area.

Conserves Water

An automatic irrigation system is programmed to dispense a certain amount of water for a scheduled period of time. This means that every ounce of water will only be used when it is needed.

Saves Time

How much of your precious time have you wasted watering the lawn, garden, and flowerbeds? It never seems like a time consuming chore until you get started. With an irrigation system, you can have timers set so the watering takes places at a time that suits you. All it takes is a push of a button—it’s really as simple as that.

Preserves Soil Structure & Nutrients

If you normally water your lawn or garden with a garden hose, you could be doing more harm than good. A garden hose could allow too much water to seep into the soil—causing the nutrients to trickle out with the runoff. Without these nutrients, your plant may begin to show signs of withering or root disease.

Irrigation Repair Services

Wheat’s Landscape offer a comprehensive list of irrigation repair services. From broken sprinkler heads to a system that has a blockage and won’t run at all, we can find and repair the problem quickly, so you can continue to enjoy a fully functional sprinkler system and the lush, green lawn it provides.

Learn more about our irrigation repair services, or give us a call at 703-641-4790 today to schedule your service!

Irrigation System Installation & Repair in Northern Virginia

We understand that no landscape is built exactly the same. Which is why you should call Wheat’s Landscape to have our design team create an irrigation system built specifically for your home. When a system is custom designed to the requirements of your lot size and landscape features, it will actually conserve water, while giving you better coverage watering your yard than using hoses and above-ground sprinklers. Our expert landscapers have designed and installed irrigation systems all over Northern Virginia since 1978.

Contact Wheat’s Landscape to learn more about installing an irrigation system in Northern Virginia, including McLean, Arlington, and Reston.

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