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Periplaneta linnaeius and camponotus ferrugineus—don’t recognize these names? Maybe “cockroach” or “carpenter ant” rings some bells? We thought you should get to know these creature’s official names—after all, you’re living with them!

At Wheat’s, we know no one wants to have these pests creeping around their floors or living in their walls. That’s why we offer Northern Virginia homeowners the Wheat’s Pest Control program.

When you sign up for services with Wheat’s Pest Control, you can choose from a one-time visit or schedule bi-monthly inspections and treatments. During your initial visit, we can work with you to determine what’s best for your home’s needs.

Interested in signing up for Wheat’s Pest Control? Contact us online or call us at 703-641-4790 today!  


What’s Included in the Wheat’s Pest Control Program?

Like any good pest management program, Wheat’s Pest Control includes an initial inspection and treatment followed up by continued maintenance, as needed.

  • Initial service: First we need to know what we’re up against! On the initial service visit, Wheat’s will inspect the home’s interior and exterior perimeter. If we identify entry points on the exterior of the home (holes, cracks, etc.) Wheat’s will seal these areas during the initial service. Areas will be treated for any active or presumptive concerns for covered pests.
  • Continued maintenance: Wheat’s will visit the property and perform inspections focused on the exterior of the home where most pest issues originate. Wheat’s will treat for covered pests as appropriate. Interior services are only needed if you are having an active pest problem.

What Pests Are Covered by the Program?

While we can tackle just about any pest you’re having issues with, some are more difficult to exterminate than others. There are 11 common pests covered in our initial service visit and bi-monthly plan and 11 additional premium pests that can be treated subject to an additional charge.

If you’re not sure what type of pests you’re dealing with, don’t fret—the experts at Wheat’s will perform a comprehensive assessment of both the interior and exterior of your home during your initial service visit.


Why Is Pest Control Important?

What’s the point of having a gorgeous lawn and garden if you can’t enjoy it? Just as you want to spend time near beautiful flowers and lush green lawns, so do certain pests that range from a minor nuisance to a potentially costly invader. Wheat’s Landscape employs trained, local exterminators to rid you of pesky ants, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and spiders hiding in your Northern Virginia home and lawn.

Besides giving us the creepy-crawlies, household pests can cause all sorts of problems for our homes and our health. Here are just a few of the reasons pest control is important for homeowners in Northern Virginia:

  • Disease. Insects like fleas, ticks, and mites often ride into your home on the backs of rats and other rodents. These tiny creatures carry dangerous diseases that affect both humans and pets, including Lyme disease and heartworm. Cockroaches can also contaminate food and other supplies when left to roam your counters and closets.
  • Home damage. Talk to just one homeowner who has ever dealt with pest damage and you’ll understand the importance of regular pest control. Don’t let pests eat through your home’s walls—or your wallet.
  • Minor injuries and allergic reactions. From ants to spiders and bees, many types of pests can sting or bite humans and cause uncomfortable—or even life-threatening—allergic reactions. Sometimes you don’t even know you’re allergic until you get a sting and have to rush to the hospital. We can help get rid of stinging and biting pests lingering around your home.

Protect yourself and your family from these problems with regular pest treatment from Wheat’s Pest Control! Contact us online or call us at 703-641-4790 today!

Can I Tackle Pest Control On My Own?

If you notice an occasional ant mound in your yard, you may be able to find a reliable product to solve the problem—at least temporarily. The problem for DIY pest extermination is you may not always know what kind of pest you’re dealing with, the extent of the problem, or the best way to get rid of it.

While some pests are just annoying, others can cause costly damage to your home. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can carry diseases affecting people and pets, while wasp stings can cause dangerous allergic reactions. Additionally, you may not know how to choose the right product for the job or the amounts to apply. Some pests build up a tolerance for certain chemical formulations.

The pros at Wheat’s Landscape have the experience and expertise to identify the pests most likely to cause real damage to your lawn and home. We’ll thoroughly inspect your property to identify problem areas and set up the best pest control services for you. These include:

  • Visiting your home as needed to tackle infestations
  • Sealing entry points where pests get into your home
  • Setting up bi-monthly service calls to keep your home and lawn free of harmful pests
  • Using natural methods for mosquito control to reduce chemical exposure to people, pets, and the environment

If you have major, persistent pest infestations, signing up for regular pest control visits can save you money in the long run. Repairing pest damage is expensive and repeatedly purchasing pest control products that don’t work can put a dent in your pocketbook.

Don’t search for “pest control companies near me” again. Contact Wheat’s Landscape for reliable, affordable pest control services in Northern Virginia at 703-641-4790.


Why Choose Wheat’s for Pest Control in Northern Virginia?

Homeowners in Vienna and throughout Northern Virginia have trusted Wheat’s Landscape for all their property maintenance needs for nearly 40 years! We’re experts at creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients, but we know it’s hard to enjoy your backyard oasis when it’s infested with pests. From natural mosquito control to complete pest control services, we have your home covered—inside and out.

Schedule your free, no-cost consultation today by filling out a contact form or calling us at 703-641-4790!

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“Well you all have quite a reputation for the quality of your work in my neighborhood. It’s just beautiful! Wheat’s is a legend around here.” R.B.
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