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6 Common Landscaping Problems in Northern Virginia

Every homeowner wants a beautiful landscape that enhances their neighborhood and brings joy to their life. However, if your landscape is like most in Northern Virginia, it’s had its share of challenges and problems. Fortunately, you can solve most landscape problems with a good dose of patience, proper care, and attention.

Here are the six most common landscape problems McLean, VA, homeowners face and some suggestions on managing them.

Common Landscaping Problems in Northern Virginia

1. Terrain Erosion

Erosion is prevalent in yards with steep slopes and occurs when the soil is too dry and can’t be fixed with irrigation. One of the best ways to combat erosion is with hardscape features like rocks.

A dry creek bed often works well to control erosion, as do retaining walls. If you’re not a rocky landscape fan, you can try a terraced garden or growing native plants that stabilize the soil and slow down rainwater runoff.

2. Dead Grass

Many McLean landscapes feature beautiful mature trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, their shade can make it difficult to maintain healthy grass beneath them.

One solution is planting a shade garden, but some trees, like oaks, maples, and magnolias, are sensitive to disturbance. If those are the trees you have in your yard, consider adding a bench or planters instead. Other causes of dead grass can be caused by disease, pet waste, and misadjusted sprinklers.

3. Mushroom Growth

Mushrooms can be challenging to get rid of, but before turning to chemical-based solutions, try making your landscape unattractive to fungi. Fixing drainage problems alleviates too-moist soil, and removing decayed organic matter eliminates the environment mushrooms love to grow in.

4. Standing Water

If your yard has areas with standing water, it’s probably caused by one of three issues:

  • Poorly draining soil: Amending the soil with organic matter can improve drainage.
  • Low spots in the yard: If water is collecting near your home’s foundation, correct the grading to prevent water from seeping through the foundation. You can channel water from other low spots using techniques like a French drain (a gravel-filled trench that slopes down to an exit point) or a dry creek.
  • Lawn thatch: A layer of thick dead leaves, stems, and roots between the grass and soil. Depending on the problem’s severity, you can dethatch the area or aerate the lawn with a power aerator.

5. Lack of Privacy

Your backyard is a refuge from the world, a place you love to relax and entertain. So, while you may love your neighbors dearly, it doesn’t mean you want them to see everything you’re doing. Easy solutions to add some privacy to your yard include a garden wall or fencing.

If you don’t like the idea of a wall of rocks or wood, consider working with a professional landscaper to create a “living fence” made from shrubs, trees, or even hanging plants. Or you can use climbing plants to soften the look of a rock, wood, or wire structure.

6. Wildlife Destruction

They may be cute, but bunnies, deer, birds, and other creatures can devour your landscaping seemingly overnight. Solutions include natural repellents, fencing off the yard, eliminating piles of brush where critters like to hide, and removing possible food sources.

Let Wheat’s Landscape Help You Maintain Your Landscape

The landscaping around your McLean, VA, home provides beautiful curb appeal while improving your quality of life and protecting the environment. Taking proper care of your landscape is essential to maintaining its health and longevity.

If your yard has any of these common landscape issues, contact Wheat’s online today or call 703-641-4790.

Our landscape design experts will quickly get to “the root” of your problem and have your landscape looking great in no time.

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