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Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

The spring and summer months in the D.C. metro area provide plenty of opportunity for outdoor activity. For those of us who enjoy outdoor entertaining and relaxing in our own backyards, having green, luscious grass is a must. What good is a beautiful outdoor space if you can’t take advantage of it? That’s why we at Wheat’s think it’s important for you to know more about what your grass needs to look its best.

Spring is fast approaching, and now is the time to starting preparing your yard for the warmer months. Read on to learn about the nutrients your grass needs and how Wheat’s Landscape can get your lawn summer-ready!

What Nutrients Does Grass Need?

Grass needs three main nutrients to thrive: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

  • Nitrogen is a super plant food. Nitrogen promotes rapid growth of grass shoots (blades of grass). Unfortunately, nitrogen can be depleted from grasses through various processes, leaching and denitrification being two of the most common. Leaching occurs when water leaks downward through the soil, taking key nutrients, like nitrogen, with it. This prevents the grasses from absorbing the nitrogen. Denitrification occurs when nitrate and nitrogen are converted to nitrogen gas (N2). This most commonly occurs during warm, wet soil conditions. The end result of these major nitrogen deficiencies, along with losses from a few other minor soil processes, is that our soils often lack the necessary amount of nitrogen needed to support healthy grass growth.
  • Potassium activates plant enzymes used in protein, sugar and starch synthesis. It also plays a key role in maintaining turgor pressure in plants. Potassium has a strong influence on drought tolerance, cold hardiness and disease resistance of turf-grasses. Potassium deficiency in turf puts your lawn at risk for an increased susceptibility to drought, winter injury and disease.
  • Phosphorus is extremely important for rooting, seedling development, cell division and the synthesis of various compounds used by plants.

How Can I Make Sure My Grass Gets the Nutrients It Needs?

Through processes like leaching and denitrification, our soils often end up lacking the necessary nutrients they need to support healthy, vigorous grass growth during the growing season. Consequently, it is often necessary to make up for the lack of nutrients through fertilization. Fertilizing ensures that soil and grasses have all of the key nutrients needed to sustain growth. Implementing a routine and seasonal fertilization program will warrant healthy and verdant grass that can be enjoyed during all of your outdoor festivities, whether they are extravagant parties or simple family gatherings.

Fertilization Services with Wheat’s Landscaping in Vienna, VA

The best way to ensure your lawn is properly fertilized is to leave it to the experts! Wheat’s Landscape uses only golf course quality slow-release fertilizers, which ensure nutrients are available to your lawn between visits from our professional landscaping experts. Fertilizing helps your grass grow, stay green, and fight off weeds.

For professional lawn fertilizer application and all your lawn service needs, contact Wheat’s Landscape today!

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