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Your garden, and landscaping require attention year round in order to ensure the best quality, health, and appearance for your plants. Seasonal mulching is particularly beneficial and can be successfully performed several times a year, including the spring and late fall/early winter. Northern Virginia homeowners can benefit from seasonal mulching services from Wheat’s in a number of ways, enjoying pristine flower beds, and happy, healthy trees and shrubs.

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Seasonal Mulching

Mulch comes in a variety of forms, including bark chips, stones, grass clippings, wood shavings, compost, straw, and shredded leaves, and while some materials are preferable to others, the principal of application is the same. In the spring and late fall to the early winter months, a layer of mulch is laid on top of the soil around bedding plants and throughout at the base of trees and shrubs, keeping the soil beneath warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The Benefits of Seasonal Mulching

Seasonal mulching is a common practice throughout Northern Virginia, with a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Moisture conservation. Plants need light, water, and nutrients in order to survive. Mulching significantly increases the amount of moisture your plants have access to, as exposed surface water is no longer left to evaporate, while reducing the amount of water you need to provide.
  • Weed prevention. Weeds also need light to grow. A layer of mulch prevents light from reaching these unwanted plants, though it’s important to pull existing weeds prior to application.
  • Increased fertility. Nutrients typically lost through soil erosion or evaporation remain within the soil.
  • Beautification. A uniform application of mulch is aesthetically pleasing and adds uniformity to your landscaping.
  • Increased aeration. Soil compaction is a concern during times of heavy rains, but with the added layer of protection, soil remains well aerated.
  • Protection. The application of mulch around trees and shrubs, provides a barrier from mowers and weed trimmers, which may otherwise damage plants.

Mulch Application

Mulch can be applied at any time, but the most beneficial times for the climate in Northern Virginia are as follows:

Late Spring

Application is preferred once the soil has begun to warm. Under normal soil conditions, a layer between two and four inches deep (after settling) is applied to the top layer of soil, one to two inches from the base of trees and shrubs. For plant beds, mulch is applied to the entire area for best results, after weeding and watering.

Early Winter

Before the soil has frozen, but after it has cooled from the heat of the summer sun, mulch may be applied, after a final weeding. Fertilizer can be applied directly over the mulch and will be carried down through the soil with precipitation.

Mulch made from organic materials breaks down over time and reapplication is necessary to maximize benefits. Old mulch should be removed and a new layer applied as older material will be void of nutrients and material that has matted may prevent light and water from getting through.

Northern Virginia’s Seasonal Mulching Professionals

Our licensed and certified property maintenance professionals are committed to keeping your yard lush, green, and healthy with quality landscape services in Northern Virginia and the entire DC area. Regularly scheduled site visits allow our lawn care team to closely monitor your lawn conditions and adjust treatments accordingly. We offer customized programs that suit the various needs of yards throughout Northern Virginia. Whether you’re looking for potted plants, leaf removal, or professional mulching, we’re the landscaping company to call!

For professional mulch delivery and installation in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, including McLean, Arlington, Reston, Annandale, and surrounding areas, you can trust the professional landscapers at Wheat’s Landscape. Contact us today!

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