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Potomac Estate Garden

This landscape project began as a single phase front yard renovation readdressing some of the existing plantings and hardscape that had been designed and built by a previous firm.  The client’s parameters for the job were ones that called for a more formal look with multiple garden rooms that would not entirely abandon the existing masonry portions of the front landscape.

Working with existing design elements on a project can often pose challenges when trying to integrate their layouts into a new circulation flow or as one garden room opens to the next.  Existing materials will undoubtedly drive many of the new selections we would suggest in order for all of the new features to blend and create a cohesive & harmonious appearance aesthetically.  All in all, we were able to achieve a more formal layout with the front court yard fountain and garden rooms that created ideal separation from the road, as well as, cascaded across the front of the home as one progresses around and through the side yard to the rear outdoor living spaces. With the design and execution of the front yard and phase one completed, the owner would soon re-commission us to begin phase two of the project and the development of ideas for the rear yard.

In the end a successful project and extremely satisfied client resulted.  The phase one and phase two designs comprised of five distinct spaces:  1) The entry fountain courtyard with pedestrian connection to the street.  2) The formal parterre garden with low Boxwood hedging and carpet Roses. 3) The scroll garden with stone archway/ornamental iron door and precast garden bench inspired by a design the owner had seen in a garden in Tennessee. 4) The swimming pool and pergola lounge space with dry bar.  5) The fire place patio overlooking the pool with sectional seating.  Material selections for the projects included:  Indian flagstone, Brick, Western MD/Tennessee Blended building stone, Stucco, Precast Concrete, a mix of native and adaptable plant materials, 18-20’ evergreen screening trees and a high grade landscape lighting & irrigation system.

Special or Unique Challenges:

The shape of the lot relative to the size of the home and various easements, tree protection areas and other lot restrictions dictated the design placement of garden features, circulation paths, large plant material & masonry structures, and made executing within these parameters a real challenge.  The topography would also pose to be somewhat of a challenge with a difference in elevation across the yard of over ten feet and the grade change coupled with the narrow distance between the home and rear property line demanded the need to site the swimming pool in the right side/rear area of the property.  This positioning would eventually make the environment more interesting though accessing the area from the rear of the home via a newly installed formal staircase and an easier transition back to the recently installed garden rooms out front.

Drainage (Wheat’s)

Bench (Wheat’s Design & Subcontracted)

Fire Feature (Wheat’s Design & Subcontracted)

Grading (Wheat’s)

Irrigation (Wheat’s)

Lawn (Wheat’s)

Lighting (Wheat’s)

Overhead Pergola Structure (Wheat’s Design & Subcontracted)

Patios (Wheat’s)

Plants (Wheat’s)

Planters (Wheat’s)

Seasonal color (Wheat’s)

Swimming pool (Alpine Pool & Design Corp.)

Pool Decking (Wheat’s Design & Subcontracted)

Walls (Wheat’s Design & Subcontracted)

Steps (Wheat’s Design & Subcontracted)

Woodworking (Wheat’s Design & Subcontracted)

Ironwork (Wheat’s Design & Subcontracted)

Outdoor Dry Bar (Wheat’s Design & Subcontracted)

Water Features (Wheat’s Design & Subcontracted)