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Specialty Tree Care Services

Have you noticed brown spots on your tree’s leaves or knots on its trunk? Maybe you’ve observed leaves or branches falling off—even when the outdoor conditions are optimal? Sadly, these are signs your tree is in poor health.

Wheat’s Landscape offers tree health care services that can be personalized to the needs of your trees.  A trained technician will identify the root cause of tree stress or health decline and outline a plan to preserve your tree.

Keep reading below to learn about common signs of tree disease and stress, or contact a landscape expert at Wheat’s for specialty tree care in Northern Virginia!

Signs of Poor Tree Health or Tree Disease

If you’re not an environmental expert, it can sometimes be hard to know whether the appearance and growth of your tree is normal or the sign of a serious problem. If you’re ever concerned about the health of your trees, contact a professional at Wheat’s immediately! Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Altered growth or development: This includes yellowing leaves (unrelated to the season), stunted or reduced growth, and premature loss of leaves.
  • General death: This includes blight (death of foliage or stems), dieback (progressive death of branches, starting at the tips), and wilt.
  • Localized death: This can emerge as cankers, rot, or decay.
  • Insect or disease damage: Sometimes, it is obvious from holes, discoloration, or strange growths that an insect or fungus has been feeding on a tree’s leaves or bark. You may also notice the actual pests themselves on parts of the tree.

If you detect any of these signs of poor tree health, or if your tree just doesn’t look the way it used to, give Wheat’s a call at 703-641-4790 today!

Our Tree Care Services in Northern VA, Maryland, and Washington, DC

Depending on the problem, the experts at Wheat’s Landscape can use a variety of methods to get your tree back to optimal health. The services we currently offer include:

  • Professional tree injections to treat against destructive insects, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies.
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Air spade instruments for compacted soil remediation, root collar excavation, and radial trenching.
  • Vertical mulching
  • Sub soil injections of Mycorrhizae beneficial fungi

If all of this sounds like gibberish to you, don’t worry! The landscape technicians at Wheat’s Landscape are tree care specialists, and they will walk you through every step of the process of treating your tree—whether it needs disease treatment or just a little extra TLC.

If you’re worried about the health of the trees at your Northern Virginia home, call Wheat’s today at 703-641-4790!

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