Does Warm Winter Weather Impact Your Lawn & Plants?

Well, the winter season is finally here. Which is partially good because, hey, we survived that awfully hot summer! But at the same time, the cold air has been coming pretty fast this year. That is, on and off. If you keep an eye on what’s going on with the weather, you’ll notice we’re doing a bit of ping-ponging when it comes to temperatures. Is that bad news for your landscape? The answer is yes. Find out how and what to do about it from the landscape professionals at Wheat’s Landscape!

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Can Warm Winter Weather Harm My Landscape?

The best answer is that it can have an impact on it. There are some ups to consider, depending on how deep into the winter you actually are. But there are some dangers, too. The biggest things a warmer or sporadic winter can cause include:

  • Impact on cool-season grasses. So, in the winter your grass is in fact still alive and well. It is just dormant, meaning essentially that it is hibernating. The danger of a warmer period in winter is that it may decide to try growing early, which stresses the grass and leeches important nutrients that it doesn’t have the means to replace. This can lead to a lot of dead lawn come the spring, leaving your landscape patchy or misshapen.
  • Risk for late-season disease and fungus. Warmth and moisture are good for plants, of course. But they’re good for disease, too, which might take a hold of your landscape in the winter if it gets warm enough. Your landscape hasn’t been prepped for disease yet, and the grass and plants are poorly equipped to deal with it, meaning they can die out without proper care.
  • Early or mid-timed growth. If it’s bordering on springtime warmth, your plants are going to start thinking about some springtime growth. And then before you know it a cold, cold night sets in, freezes everything, and now your plants are dead. This can be really scary because it’s hard to really predict or plan for.

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