What Types of Plants Are Best for the Fall?

Just because the leaves are falling doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some new life around your property. Serious gardeners know that fall is a great time for planting due to the ideal soil conditions, cooler temperatures, and abundant selection at your local greenhouse.

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Fall Planting Options

In Northern Virginia, you can plant with reckless abandon until the ground freezes, extending the beauty of your landscaping well past those hot summer months. Warm soil and moderate outdoor temperatures are the perfect formula for growth and gorgeous blooms, from a number of flowering trees, shrubs, container plants, and bulbs. Our expert landscapers recommend planting the following:


With over 20 species to choose from, a wide spectrum of colors, and brilliant, showy blooms, it’s easy to see why chrysanthemums are an annual favorite. Long lasting flowers remain vibrant when others fade, make a great addition to bouquets, and are tolerant to frost.

Autumn Joy Sedum

Planted in early fall, these color changing sedums slowly morph from light pink to a deep burgundy color and continue to bloom through to the first frost.


Soil still warm from the summer sun will help these beauties to quickly establish their root system. Pansies work well in container plantings and flower beds, thrive in cooler temperatures, and are available in a variety of colors and sizes to work perfectly with your existing color scheme or personal preferences. One of the best things about these flowers is you can get two showings out of them—once in the fall and again in the spring. Protect them over the winter with a layer of straw or mulch, removing once you see blooms begin to poke through.


Perennials with larger root balls are well suited for fall planting. Water carefully until the ground freezes to encourage strong healthy roots, being careful not to over water.

Spring Bulbs

Enjoy a vibrant display of color in the spring by planting your bulbs in the fall. Cold weather is essential to the dormancy period needed to produce flowers and bulbs should go in the ground once the soil temperature is close to 50 degrees or after the first hard frost. Experiment with new varieties or colors and group together for the best impact. Keep in mind that most bulbs like well drained soil and full sun, and consider topping your plantings with compost or mulch for protection and fertilization.

Ornamental Cabbage

These showy vegetables work well as ground cover or as borders. Foliage colors range from white to pink, red, purple, green, and blue-lavender, with colors deepening as temperatures drop.

Fall Planting in Northern Virginia

Enjoy the best this season has to offer and liven up your landscaping with plants ideally suited for our unique climate. Wheat’s Landscape has a wide variety of plants and seasonal flowers for you to choose from and our team of professionals can help you with the selection and planting of your fall garden.

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